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Find some intriguing folks in your local market who don’t mind chatting with you on camera for 10 or 20 minutes , then edit down that footage of your discussions (which can cover anything you think your audience will find interesting, like the latest home sales and price data to come out) and post those clips to your YouTube channel.

For a merge tag to work, you are going to have to collect the personal data when doing lead generation I will always ask for a first name, and email address on any sign up forms I use as I know this is what I need for my merge tag, and to personalise my email communication.

Since we used Comm100 Email Marketing service, we have got a way to communicate with our site members the exact way we were thinking of. We found a correct and nice template to use , so that we can put as much information as we can in an organised manner.

It was the 60th anniversary of the white dress” scene from the film, The Seven Year Itch As part of a larger marketing strategy, this iconic cinemagraph brought in millions of likes on Facebook, great press, and a piece of stunning content that continues to be shared across all 5 digital marketing platforms.

And besides, an e-mail marketing service provider like BigTurns won’t let you send to a bought list because it will affect deliverability for you and everyone we send messages on behalf of. This is important: a bought list will result in complaints and unqualified leads.

CAUTION: Use this technique ONLY if you’ve got really good psychological marketing game, because it won’t work if you send a boring or long-winded email with no CTA and no psychological buildup, and then try to cash it in with an abrupt and awkward hard sell” message later.

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