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The type of content you’re emailing will have a major effect on its response, and that will play a role in deciding on the perfect frequency. It sends mails based on per day and per hour limit, contains email verifier , automatic un-subscription, bounce checker, latest mails from pop/imap server,automatic gmail and yahoo checker that prevents accounts from getting blockedAllows you to track what mails were sent.

Many of our clients have the basic building blocks of a program in place (welcome series, abandoned cart, birthday, etc.) but in 2017 we’ll re-examine those programs, find ways to optimize the performance, and personalize the experience more for our subscribers, while also reinventing their programs.

Integrating social and email gets even more attractive once you see how easy it really is to do. These aren’t projects that take four months and $40,000 to implement; we’re talking about fixes that could be done in an afternoon by two or three people.

Elite Email – Choose from a myriad of fully-customizable templates, share your emails on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, take advantage of a fully-branded subscription center where your customers can set up their preferences, enter their info and even edit their profiles (talk about making you look sophisticated!), and fall in love with the live ticker that delivers your stats as they’re happening.

First, we got confirmation from Amazon SES team that they have increased our daily quota, followed by upgrading our account from Sendy Hosting to our EasySendy Pro application which supports Amazon SES integration and higher email sending speed with large email subscriber list holding capacity.

While many sites (Bandwagon, ReverbNation, SonicBids, Marcato) offer some flavor of these functions, along with a slew of other artist services, I personally prefer a service that specializes in email marketing as the former tend to have limited, often quite generic options; I’m a fan of using the most customizable tools possible, which usually means a tool that is dedicated to a particular function.

Taylor Jones, MessageGears’ co-founder and chief architect, and Himanshu Sinha, Sr. Director, Customer Contact Strategy and Outbound Marketing for Expedia, presented an educational session during the show titled, Building and Managing Global Email Marketing Programs” The session highlighted the best practices and marketing technology Expedia uses to create consistent, personalized experiences for their customers.

Finally, Humanization is important because one of the best ways to scale content marketing without massive investment is to tap into the expertise, the authority, and the real passions of the employees, customers, partners that already sit inside the company.

A detailed understanding of the data concerning email opening, accessibility, click through rate, comparing elements from various campaigns and their output and business conversion rate from email recipients, all these and many more data driven metrics can just let you track results in details.

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