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Social media and email marketing are two of the most widely used digital marketing tactics. While it’s clear email has a much better engagement and response rate than social media, you may be thinking that it’s much more difficult to get people to give you permission to email them as opposed to get them to become a fan on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter.

It will also influence the type of action you want people to take, and this should be clear in every email – if you want readers to recommend you to a friend, then include a button that enables them to forward a ready-written message to their contacts, offering an incentive for them to do so.

So when a customer signs up to your newsletter you can send an automated personalised response back perhaps offering them a discount on first purchase or when a customer purchases something from your site you can send a personalised email thanking them for the purchase and an incentive to buy again, or attend an event…anything basically.

Pro Tip: An easy way to track your Cost-Per-Lead without having to deal with messy tracking codes between your Facebook Ad and your website is to use Wishpond’s Facebook Ad Manager with Wishpond’s Landing Page Builder These are both integrated within your Wishpond account to allow you to track your Cost-Per-Lead (as well as every other metric) without having to set up your own tracking codes.

Videos in email have been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96% on the first introductory email ( Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey ). GetResponse reported similar numbers with its observation that emails with video have a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96.4% higher click-through rate.

Apart from our Sendy hosting service, we have launched our new application called EasySendy Pro, this reduces all technical issues and you can easily connect it with multiple SMTP relays like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun to deliver large email campaigns.

With Dundee Internet , when our Marketers create a mobile friendly” email with our HTML editor, our list hosting software automatically creates a text copy , which allow wearable users to read marketing email messages on those little tiny wearable device screens.

With that being said, their statistics make it simple to focus on adding value to your clients through email by sending monthly newsletters, weekly company email updates, reminders about events and live streaming, as well as general happy holiday emails or company news.

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