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Email Marketing And Social Networks

Even with all the apps available today, email continues to be the most reliable marketing tool — if used correctly. Second, reaching multiple decision-makers with marketing content is more important than ever, because most business decisions are started online and are quite advanced before a salesperson has a chance to talk to anyone involved in a decision at a company.

A number of email applications are completely free for the first few hundred subscribers, providing the perfect opportunity for you to get started, build your subscriber list and figure out what email marketing tactics resonate with your audience before you go big.

You can already see some of the integrated capabilities getting better and easier to use, including SMS (automations, geotargeting, scheduling), social (integration with email lists for retargeting inactive or other targeted segments), web integration (capture and use of behavioral data), and, of course, email.

The SumoMe plugin is free to download and also comes equipped with a suite of tool that allow you to share your WordPress content onto your social media channels, heat maps, ability to view Google Analytics directly on your site, and a scroll box that gathers email addresses as visitors scroll down the screen.

InboxArmy is an elite, full-service email marketing agency offering the full spectrum of email marketing services, including custom email template design and coding, email campaign setup and deployment, email strategy, email automation, custom integrations and programming, and much more.

And 42% of them delete an email if it doesn’t display correctly, according to BlueHornet study It will thus become quintessential for email marketers to think mobile first; there is no option but to create responsive emails (single column template is the best solution).

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) operates the most highly regarded affiliate marketing network in the world, while also delivering a wide range of pay for performance-based advertising opportunities to help companies drive growth.

I hope that your agency takes the time to implement these strategies and track your results, and of course, always improve when you see an opportunity to. If you’d like, let us know in the comments section below how your agency plans to change things in your email marketing campaigns, because we’d love to hear about your ideas.

However, despite these benefits ‘businesses are slow to adopt to email marketing practises’, and mistakenly are intimidated by the phrase ’email marketing’ itself (Mohammadi, Malekian, Nosrati, & Karimi, 2013) due to the perception of needing to be a digital marketing expert to implement an email marketing campaign.

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