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How To Target Millennials, Gen X, & Boomers

The 2017 email marketing trends to grow your list, make more sales, and engage with your audience better. However, in saying this, for small companies, with limited resources, email marketing is the way to go. Although there are no costs associated with purchasing and running social media per se, it costs companies to hire or require employees to continually monitor their associated social media sites, which impacts on time and financial restraints (Mohammadi, Malekian, Nosrati, & Karimi, 2013).

For example, content marketing can work closely in conjunction with an SEO strategy; if you know how to optimize content for search engines, you’ll end up ranking higher for more keywords, and appearing in search results for more keywords overall, which will increase the visibility of your content.

Email marketing automation doesn’t need to take the place of your scheduled campaigns, but the data is in and it’s simply a fact that automated emails trigged by the online behaviour of your customers are getting opened and clicked on more frequently.

I have led several teams of software developers as project manager, quality manager and as team leader in different companies and different countries in sectors e.g. telecommunication, research & development, travel business, Internet marketing and Internet business, consultancy and services.

A/B split tests are an easy and highly effective way to increase open and click-through rates above a pre-defined benchmark AND can be perfect for any business (small or large.) Campaigner® A/B testing makes it simple for any business to create more successful email marketing campaigns.

Last year email marketers went to town on using emoji’s in subject lines, especially after Mailchimp rolled out emoji support GIFs were also trending, with seemingly most marketing emails either including one or being the single focus of the creative!

What’s more, email marketing can be a key asset for a wide variety of businesses, from companies that sell information products or SaaS apps to consultants and medical practitioners (a chiropractor I visited recently sends customers emails with helpful advice on how to care for your back).

The page uses a specially designed template” (HTML coded layout) that is optimized for display in common email programs (width, fonts, etc.). The sender adds a message and any photos to the page and then pastes the URL (web address) of that page into MailChimp, who imports (amazingly!) everything on that page and voilà, a ready-to-send-out newsletter!

This year, personalization will take on even greater importance as more subscribers adopt email aggregation services, such as Milled and , and new email interface features, such as Peek for iPhone 6s. Those tools will give subscribers more control over how they receive, view, and interact with emails.

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