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We send out breaking news, cool tips and updates about Google Analytics each week! MailChimp and Benchmark , our two top contenders for best free option, both hit the sweet spot of relatively large subscriber limits and monthly email limits — both allow up to 2,000 subscribers along with 12,000 and 14,000 emails per month, respectively, with no daily limit.

If that customer receives an email from Starbucks offering an overview of new products and a discount before they enter the store, this customer is not only more likely to make a purchase, but with a discount incentive can be encouraged to spend more than they came in for.

The right email templates can help you execute various email campaigns far more efficiently, but drafting an effective template can be a major stumbling block; there are just so many variables to keep in mind, like the length of the email and avoiding a sales-like tone.

While he loved our programming at Content Marketing World 2014, he made me aware of a very sad truth: Most organizations are dominated by sales , and if we don’t start integrating salespeople into Content Marketing World, marketers are going to get back to their offices and hit brick walls.

The US video marketing spend in 2013 was only around $3 billion, and in 2016 that number is expected to reach $5.43 billion ( Forrester Research ), a paltry sum compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars that effective video marketing could generate in the long term.

We can also call it as sole purpose of the campaign as when a readers click the call to action it is likely to further generate a sale or a lead for sale which means that the reader of the email liked it and is ready to take further actions required.

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