The 25 Best Email Marketing And Newsletter Apps


Mind it, Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s online population and has an average 1.5 billion monthly users. If your number of likes on Facebook is really low or you don’t have much of a presence on this platform, contests can generate disappointing results.Improve your chances by offering an unusually good prize, and make it something your ideal clients or customers would especially covet – not just another iPad… or iPad mini.

Social media is considered to be the most ideal medium for list building and the email content also gets richer by incorporating social media content into it. Emails are being taken more seriously by people and it is supposed that integrating social media content with emails will harness better click through rates.

According to MarketingProfs , more Millennials (26%) than non-Millennials (16%) say promotional emails influence their purchase decisions all of the time or most of the time.” In addition, research by Adestra finds about 68% of teenagers and 73% of Millennials say they prefer to receive communication from a business via email, and over 50% rely on email to make online purchases.

Call to actions : Effective call to action means to place an image or text (containing the coded link /web URL )into the body of the email which compels the readers to click it and then directs the readers to a landing page of the senders website for further information or action.

The good folks at compiled a number of amazing statistics showing just how powerful a marketing tool an email program can be. The bottom line is that if you do it right and invest the time and effort, you too can generate the industry average of $42.08 for every dollar spent on email marketing in 2010.

As someone who has worked in email marketing for a decade I can tell you with absolute certainty that Harry’s problems are just beginning and I’d urge any business to research much more widely before embarking on a viral campaign like this with email.

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