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We understand marketers are challenged with personalizing their email program. Companies using email marketing basically collect the email addresses of prospects and clients, and then send email messages to those subscribers, containing information about the products, special offers and so on. The company must explicitly ask permission to collect the email address and send future messages, and this is usually done with a double opt-in process (where the subscribe must fill a form with his name and email address, and then click on a confirmation link sent via email).

Litmus had recently surveyed over 1,200 marketers to ask them about the six most promising email trends in 2017, including automated emails, big data personalization in emails, email encryption, HTML5 video in email, interactive emails, and omnichannel email experiences.

Nearly all commercial email list providers offer this service, which grades your messages based on the presence of excessive links, sales oriented phrases (like Buy now!” or Free”) and other elements that are commonly used by email marketing spammers.

And even more impressive: by simply including the promise of a video in the subject line of your email, your open rates can increase by 19% and click through rate by 65% It has been predicted that videos in email would experience a setback in 2016, as many ESPs did not support them.

Agency professionals and in-house marketers worldwide are in agreement about email’s effectiveness, according to March 2016 polling from Econsultancy Both groups named email marketing most frequently as a tactic able to provide a strong ROI, at 80% and 73%, respectively.

Triggered programs, such as customer win-back, browse and cart abandonment, welcome subscriber and first-purchase programs, welcome customer and second-purchase programs, and replenishment programs are where email really stands out for delivering value and revenue — to the customer and the brand.

Once you have the email addresses of people who are interested in currently out-of-stock items, you can also take the opportunity to let them know about other related products that they may be interested in buying in the meantime while they wait for their preferred product to become available again.

Email marketing as a whole is generally a less taxing process than social media maintenance, with less responsibility (Idugboe, 2015) low set-up costs (Ellis-Chadwick & Doherty, 2012), and has flexibility across platforms (Rospigliosi, 2014), which makes it quick and easy for small businesses to implement.

Led by Chris Bondhus, senior director of demand generation for Brightcove, this roundtable featured Ardath Albee, B2B marketing strategist with Marketing Interactions and author of Digital Relevance; Carla Johnson, president of Type A Communications and co-author of Experiences, the 7th Era of Marketing; Skyler Moss, director of digital marketing for HCSS; and Dusty DiMercurio, content marketing and strategy, Autodesk.

Alex Williams of Trendline Interactive: Gmail will add style support to their webmail clients and media query support to their mobile apps allowing email designers, marketers and ESPs to finally provide a great experience to Gmail users on desktop and mobile.

Though we have discussed numerous legal reasons to practice ethical email marketing, there are even more moral obligations for you to do so. In a world evolving around constant contact on the Internet, it can be hard to spot faulty, fake or fraudulent online relationships.

Email is not just a way to publish your name everywhere on the web and in the people’s email accounts – it’s a way to gel up with people, develop that trust bond, and show them what value you hold for them through your business and that’s the best policy to grow your business with email marketing.

And to those who still doubt the true worth of email marketing in 2016 it promises to up its game There are a few trends your business should incorporate into this year’s email marketing strategy to make the most out of this channel, as well as to be one step ahead of competitors.

With each passing year, email marketing is getting aggressive The separation is of types i.e. one of marketers who know what they are doing in email marketing and the other is of who don’t know it. So, now you need to make sure to put in efforts to test changed strategies and keep your subscribers locked in.

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