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Like all MailBeez modules, the email content is generated from a template, and the list of products is defined in a sub-template. If we look at real-time personalisation where a recipient receives an email that is relevant at the time of open, we know that content is going to be more engaging than a recipient who receives an email that isn’t tailored or has taken into account any of their past behaviour.

There are a number of great resources available with basic hints and tips on email marketing with blogs helping consumers to increase click-through-rates and ROI (there’s a great eBook here from email automation platform Act-On), but what I want to look are the more fundamental aspects of undertaking an email marketing strategy.

Paige is the co-director of Tourism eSchool and a Tourism Marketing Consultant ( ). Paige is passionate about working with tourism destinations & operators to create sustainable marketing strategies, specialising in marketing strategy, website strategy, search engine optimisation & blogging.

You can eliminate username/password/security questions/email double optin, etc because Facebook take the validation process more seriously than you do. If you’re losing customers because they don’t want to supply yet another password, then business sense dictates simplification via social login.

In addition to tracking email opens and link clicks, G-Lock Analytics tracks who printed and who forwarded the message, who actually read the email and who simply skimmed or glanced it. You will also get the report about the email clients your recipients used to open your email — you will know which email clients/web based accounts you need to tailor your email for.

A verdade é que a grande maioria não se preocupa em melhorar desempenho das suas campanhas através da experimentação, constante melhoria das mensagens e da estrutura técnica da ferramenta de disparo e apenas utiliza ferramentas básicas como envio de newsletters periódicas com promoções ou novidades, mesmo sabendo que uma melhoria de 1% na abertura dos emails pode significar muitos milhares de Euros.

Behaviors change all the time, and just because something worked for you in Q4, this might not be the same strategy you should use in Q1. Seasonality plays a major part in every business, and it’s something to take into consideration when you look at your 2017 goals.

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